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Some of our Client's Cloud Native Journeys with Us:

Riding on a very successful Datacenter Virtualisation initiative, Deployment of an Enterprise-grade Kubernetes Platform for Modern Applications was on the next agenda.


DevOps Components Deployed


Private Cloud Environment with Orchestration


Training Hours Conducted
As one of the largest digital telecommunications and connectivity service providers in the country, the Client already had a dynamic team that came from different IT functions — each team architected, developed and deployed applications differently. In recent years. the Client also had also successfully completed an implementation of a Sofware Defined Datacenter (SDDC) with self-service capabilities a strong governance process put in place..
To leverage the potential of their success, as part of a Digital Transformation initiative, the next step was to extend the private cloud services by introducing a common enterprise-grade Kubernetes based platform capable of running modern applications to provide opportunity for their developers to explore application modernisation; and to harmonise and improve the process of application deployment.
Virtuosity’s original scope of engagement was to design and implement a Kubernetes platform capable of deploying modern applications to the client’s private cloud. Upon a successful deployment, the next steps were to ensure each team could utilise the common platform for their applications. As there were some teams that were at a different application development maturity stage, Virtuosity took the extra step to advice and introduce basic DevOps tools i.e. CI/CD, logging; etc.; and processes into their application development process.
The final step in the journey was a verification of the platform. Our definition of verification would be, not only that the platform technically functioned, but that the client would be able to experience and operate the platform independently. This was achieved with our ADIL (A-Day-in-Life) methodology by onboarding a couple of critical applications for the client to experience the process. This was done successfully and the client has been operating the platform on their own with minimum support from Virtuosity.
Today, the Kubernetes platform has become the mainstream platform for the Client and they have adopted a “Kubernetes-first” policy for all application development. This translates to the fact that the Client is very serious in their Application Modernisation movement but more importantly, they are comfortable with the technology and process put in place.
Client and Virtuosity are moving forward towards enhancing the DevOps process, including exploring new ways of doing application DR, and introducing more DevOps tools to promote standarisation, efficiency in their software development process. New tools and improved processes will provide great potential to develop powerful mission critical applications.

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A new business strategy has dictated the modernisation of the existing digital delivery team to help the organisation achieve its transformation goals.


DevOps Components Deployed


Hybrid Cloud Environments with Orchestration


Training Hours Conducted
The client is a facility services conglomerate and is looking to evolve into a digital services driven organisation. Quick routes to market were identified such as monetising applications they developed for their daily operations as well as acquiring start-ups to grow their service offerings.
Our initial steps were to conduct a maturity assessment exercise on the client’s digital delivery team, where we found areas for improvement, ranging from fundamental matters such as lack of Linux familiarity and manual tracking/logging of change request tracking/logging, to manual software delivery lifecycle without governed source control and release management..
We tracked and remedied these identified matters through training sessions as well through a series of design workshops, where the delivery team was empowered with a DevOps platform to remove manual steps by transforming them into digital processes.
Following the successful deployment of a production-ready Kubernetes-based DevOps platform, as part of our methodology to enable our client, we performed a practical test on the client’s delivery team capability to onboard a legacy application on to the DevOps platform. . Our objective of getting the client to experience our ADIL (A-Day-In-Life) concept of learning was ACHIEVED.
Overall, the 3 months engagement was deemed a success. It spurred the client team’s desire to achieve much more. Virtuosity's collaboration with the client is already moving forward to bring the next stage of growth to support its transformation goals.

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The Financial Services Industry (FSI) has a new race in finding new and innovative ways to connect with customers. The race is about putting banking into their hands with speed and agility. State-of-the-art mobile and online banking will require a robust developer ready platform and reactive operations to power the future of banking. Implementing a sound Developer Ready Infrastructure (DRI) with an Enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform equipped with the best-of-breed DevSecOps tools and processes allowed for a good launching pad.


DevOps Components Deployed


Private Cloud Environments with Orchestration


Training Hours Conducted
As one of the largest digital banking players in the region, the Client had a vision to re-invent banking. With the advent of modern applications methods and supporting technology, new and traditional players in the Financial Services Industry can race forward to meet on a level playing field. The vision was to bring convenience of banking into the hands of their customers — with the mobile banking landscape accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic to become the new norm.
The client started right by leveraging on their private cloud, to develop and deploy applications to a common enterprise-grade Kubernetes based platform capable of running modern applications on a private cloud. DevSecOps tools and processes were put in place to provide efficiency in application deployment and monitoring.
The Journey
Virtuosity’s initial scope of engagement was to design and implement a Kubernetes platform capable of deploying modern applications to the Client’s private cloud. That initiative was quickly achieved with their existing IT infrastructure by introducing a complementary Enterpise-grade Kubernetes platform, coupled with a capable Client team. The next challenge was to ensure that the basic DevOps tools and processes were put in place for better usability, sustainability and maintainability.
Virtuosity’s Expert-on-Demand services (XoD), offered an advisory role in working with a technically capable Client team to provide recommendations, implementation and knowledge enablement services related to their Kubernetes Platform and; DevSecOps tools and processes.
XoD is a unique service which provides the Client with the confidence that an expert, in a particular topic of concern within their platform, is just a call away when they need someone to help investigate a critical issue or require further knowledge enablement to be self-sufficient to support their environment.
Today, the Client continues to engage Virtuosity as a Partner via XoD services to support their platform team and to discover further enhancement opportunities.

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